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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Clive Barker is Awesome!

I love Clive Barker.  He is such a sick and awesome weirdo.  I have not had a chance to read any of this books or novellas, but I am going to get on that stat!  I didn't actually even know he produced Candyman until I researched a little bit.  How cool is that!?

I know its cliche, but Pinhead is one of the most twisted, depraved, and sinister creations I have ever had the pleasure of being introduced to.  He has probably the best list of movie quotes of any character in horror I can think of.  They are all intelligent, disturbing, and provocative wrapped up into a little ball of terror.  I have to say, the first time I watched Hellraiser, I was afraid to go to bed for weeks and was just waiting for pinhead to come onto our plane and come into my bedroom and tell me all the things he had to show me.  No, thanks.  I appreciate the offer, but you can have the box and go back home.  Peace out.  

Candyman, also, kind of a sexual character.  His voice is husky.  He wants you to be his victim in you are Helen.  He kinda digs her.  He's kind of in love with her, but wants her to suffer with him, go figure.  Hummmm, sounds like real love?  Suffering, an element of love and pleasure.  This is right up Clive's alley, even though he was just the producer.  I can see how he would have an extreme appreciation for this movie and want to be involved in this subject.

I can't say I loved Lord of Illusions.  It was just not my thing, but I do love his mindset often on the underlying forbidden tones within all of us.  We all want pleasure and sometimes are willing to endure unimaginable pain and pay costs, which we have no idea are as high as they are to experience such forbidden delights.

The Plague was a totally different type of film, but classic in the concept that spliced Children of the Corn's type of feel with a touch of Village of the Damned.  This film came from the company, Midnight Picture Show, in which he created.  I am a little surprised that he went out of the box with this one, but backing a creation you have not made that is great in its own rite makes sense.


You can watch Hellraiser I & II as well as Candyman, and The Plague on our movie theater page on this blog, which is located here...(click).  They are all free to watch and you aren't required to sign up for anything to watch them.


I also want to make mention of the short short story, which was part of a Clive Barker Anthology, on which the film in the Master's of Horror television show, Haeckel's Tale is based, Dark Delicacies: Original Tales of Terror and the Macabre, is featured.  You can actually watch it here.  It was supposed to be directed by George A. Romero, but was replaced by John McNaughton.  I'm glad they made that choice, because although I love Romero, I am pleased with how it turned out in style, setting, and tone.  You can check it out here for free on Hulu.

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