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Thursday, January 30, 2014

Watch Horror Instead of the Superbowl - Volume 1!!!

Anyone who knows me knows I hate sports. I hate football. I hate basketball, and I especially hate baseball. In fact, I don't enjoy exercising, skiing, snowboarding, walking up and down the stairs, waking up, dancing, playing Bingo, or swimming. I do, however, enjoy the water and long walks on the beach. I don't want to hold your sweaty hand, however. 


Anyway, that being said, you can watch a whole bunch of horror movies for free online instead of watching the Superbowl. You can still eat nachos and dip and drink beer. However, you don't have to be like the rest of "Merica if you do not enjoy sports. For instance, I may enjoy taxidermy and you may not, potato, potatoe, tomato, tomatoe...to each his own.

1.  Shutter (2004) -  A newly married couple discovers disturbing, ghostly images in photographs they develop after a tragic accident. Fearing the manifestations may be connected, they investigate and learn that some mysteries are better left unsolved.

 2.  Blood and Donuts (1995) - a Canadian horror comedy features a vampire who is woken up by mistake after 25 years of sleep.  He starts to gently acclimate himself to the modern world.  However, there are issues like a jealous ex in the way of his new-found obsession, a local waitress who works at a donut shop that's open 24 hours a day.  You can watch it on YouTube, just open this playlist and it will play cohesively! 

3.  The Marsh (2006) - When a popular children's author begins to have nightmares and visions, she seeks advice from a psychologist. In the psychologist's opinion,  she is stressed and needs to go somewhere remote to unwind and get herself together.
She realizes the Marsh Farm might be linked to her nightmares. She decides that since her psychologist suggested a vacation, she would vacation there at the Marsh farm.

I blogged about this one a long time ago, but I haven't heard anybody discuss it since.  I really liked it.  It was unique and pretty edge of your seat what the hell is going on. 

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