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Friday, November 1, 2013

Notable Black Widow Videos

Clara Harris - Poor Clara's d*uche b*g husband, the good dentist started cheating on her with his younger secretary. Clara took her revenge afetr finding them together rendezvousing at a hotel. 

 After she whooped this b*tch*s wh*re azz, her husband stuck yp for the mistress so Clara, with her husband's daughter in tow ran the effer over with her car. Ummm, evil, naw, smart! I hope when she got out of jail she got the lot! 

You can check out Clara's story of bloody satisfaction here... 


 A movie is in the works to document the life and deeds of black widow, Belle Gunness. 
Check it out here

 Ms. Belle Gunness lived during the latter 17th century. She emigrated to the United States to Chicago, Illinois from Norway. When her first husband um, "died", she and her foster kids moved to a farm in La Porte, Indiana. 

Belle started putting out personal ads in Scandinavian newspapers. She offered the takers a partnership on her farm. She only asked for a little bit of money when they sold everything they owned. Nobody saw these guys again, hummm...

Her foster children were burned up on the farm that burned to the ground. Bones and remains of many men were found on her farm, but Belle was in the fire and was never heard from again. She was spotted in the United States after the fire and her remains didn't appear to match her proportions and parts were "missing". 

Stella Nickell - Does anyone remember the 1982 Tylenol Murders?  Well, did you know that the Tylenol murders were a ploy for Stella Nickell to kill her husband and get away with it, while still securing his insurance policies?  Actually, it wasn't Tylenol either, it was actually Excedrin.  Tylenol stopped making non-gel caps as a result of this case, though.  The Tylenol murders was actually a different case long before the 1980's, but the rumor was often about tainted Tylenol capsules.

It gave her an alibi for her husband's death since all who purchased the tainted capsules at the local drugstore would also die and Stella would get her husband, Bruce's insurance policy scot free due to the "accident".

Stella was subsequently sentenced to 90 years in prison for product tampering after she poisoned Excedrin capsules with cyanide, resulting in the deaths of her husband and a random lady, Sue Snow, who just happened to buy tainted capsules at her local druggist. Her conviction was the first under federal product tampering laws instituted after the Chicago Tylenol Murders.  That case is still unsolved.

 Check out Stella Nickell's chilling story here.

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