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Monday, November 18, 2013

Creepy Christmas Gifts

Want to freak out your family and loved ones at Christmas?  Want to give that weird little person in your life the perfect gift?  Well, these are some interesting selections to keep them all guessing!?  Did they purchase this gift, because they thought I would like it, to amuse themselves, or just to be a jerk?

1.  Bird in a Cage - Its pointless, irritating, and will end up in the garbage, but whomever you give this to will probably feel bad and be forced to leave this piece of crap laying around and for under $20, you will have the satisfaction of knowing, they don't know what to do and are often in debate with themselves.  Also, you will know just how much they give a crap if that piece of crap is laying around for more than just a few hours.

2.   Random Taxidermy Supplies - For the one in your family you can't stand, keep them guessing and entertain yourself at the same time.  This is especially for the strict Vegan, Vegetarian, or your family's staunchest PETA advocate.

I hate hunting, but I would definitely use this sleek, black taxidermy supplies umbrella, though. It will definitely keep the fellas guessing. Why does this girl carry an umbrella with strange and unusual tools on it?

Random Hemostats are also much less suggestive than scalpels or scalpel blades and will confuse the crap out of the recipient.

3.  The Yodeling Pickle

4. Urn Necklace - for a dead loved ones ashes, great for those who have no dead loved ones.  Better yet, make it a set of five of them!

The last one comes with a funnel and a velvet pouch. How convenient. Oh, just thinking aloud!

5.  Tired of writing...let's look at some pictures....

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