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Saturday, October 19, 2013

NH Serial Killer History, Everyone!

We do have a few famous people from New Hampshire, originally. No, I'm not kidding. I'm not one of them, but hey, I'm not famous, either. I'm also not a serial killer so I don't fit into either of the categories so yeah, who cares. Anyway, Steven Tyler is originally from NH along with G.G. Allen.

Are they serial killers, no, but guess who is...

H.H. Holmes - not to be confused with John Holmes, star of adult cinema and owner of a 14 inch wonder...but sort of like the North American Jack The Ripper, but not as r*pey, not r*apey at all and he was equal opportunity, you didn't have to be a chick or a hooker, either, but then again you could be.  You didn't even have to be an adult. He was born in Gilmanton, NH and became a doctor so he could learn how to kill people better.  He wasn't a bad looking guy and you would never know!  Does he look like a mass murderer to you?  He's not even close to as cold and scary looking as the next case I will discuss below, Ms. Sheila Labarre.  His story can be viewed on Hulu.com for free here.

Sheila Labarre - No, not the groupie, that's Pamela Des Barres...the serial killer..from Epping, NH, hummm, that's about a half an hour or so from here, not far from the Massachusetts border, where I am originally from. She got caught by a tip that was followed up on by a MA State Trooper in the next town over from where I was born and grew up, actually, Revere.

Sheila hooked up with an older, well off man, who became her common law husband from which her last name is derived, who lived on the million dollar farm, where she lived in 2000, who died under suspicious circumstances.

It doesn't look like a million dollar farm to me, but whatever...

Often it was observed that after his death, many men lived on her farm and were always beaten up and bruised looking, even bloody sometimes. She was said to be flirtatious, but could turn violent pretty quickly. She had a few mentally disabled and/or disadvantaged unfortunates with nowhere to go living on her farm, all of which were found dead, well, their remains and clothing, anyway in burn pits on the property, which the police in NH searched after a tip for the MA State Police was offered to them.

Two of these men who lived on her farm disappeared. Sheila claims they were all pedophiles. She pretty much claimed that most men she encountered were pedophiles. One of the men she killed was an 24 year old man with Autism who had barely the mental capacity of a 12 year old child. She was said to have beaten him to death with gardening shears.

She confessed to two of the murders, but claimed insanity, claiming she was not mentally sane at the time. Sheila's farm was recently auctioned off. I wouldn't wanna live there! You better heavilyy sage burn that b*tch if you wanna live there!

She's got very cold eyes and creeps me out.  She just doesn't look "right".   No, not because she is from Alabama and relocated to NH, but she is just scary!

Did you feel like that started off like Adam Sandler's Hanukkah Song? Guess what, he's from New Hampshire, too! Why do you think he's always making for of the New England, especially Boston accent, which we pretty much have here in NH and Maine, too, just less exaggerated.

You can check out the documentary, Sheila Labarre's House of Horrors here.  

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