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Monday, August 26, 2013

The 8 Most Charismatic Horror Villains

Who do we love to hate the most?  I have compiled a list of some of my favorite horror villains that I might want to hang out with for the day and enjoy their presence and company as long as they promise to not slaughter me.  I'm not innocent so it wouldn't be much fun, anyway.

Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's my favorite villain of them all?

1.  Hannibal Lecter - He's a classy, intelligent and sarcastic doctor who always has a smart comment and always makes interesting conversation.  He analyzes you and as long as you are polite and you aren't an a-hole, he won't use it against you.  He's your friendly neighborhood psychopath.

2.  Freddy Kreuger - He's a child killer, can kill you in your dreams, and has a horribly burned face, but at least while he is stabbing you with his finger knives, he will have a sarcastic and entertaining comment to send you on your way.

3.  Leprechaun - As long as you don't get in the way of his gold, its all good.  He's little and although his dental hygiene could be better, he takes pride in his Irish heritage and keeps his little tree-house under the ground nice and dank and dreary.  All he really wants is to procreate with a young, beautiful Irish bride so he can have the Leprechaun family he has always wanted.  A simple request, he wants his gold, don't touch his effing gold!

4.  Dracula - He's rich, sophisticated, well-dressed and a hopeless romantic.  He might want to drain you of all your blood and make you walk the Earth for all eternity, a lifeless corpse who needs to suck the blood of the living for sustenance, but if you are his girl, you get to live in a castle and will get showered with love, devotion, and complements.  He's great with animals.  As a matter of fact, he can turn into a wolf or a bat.  Why not a shark?  Why hasn't he thought of that.  He's still awesome!

5.  Lestadt - Lestadt has been a rock star, an independently wealthy traveler, and he just wants to give you the choice he never had.  He's a bit of a snob, but he's got style and always has neatly groomed hair and a super attractive outfit.  I bet he's great in bed.  He might want to drink all your blood and he might be a little pale and have spider veins on his face, but he's got pearly white fangs and bucks in bank!  He's also the co-parent of a lovely little blonde and his platonic life-partner with whom he shares a rocky past, Louie, yup, a real lady killer!

6 & 7.  Chucky & Tiffany - They are like the doll sized Mickey and Mallory, or perhaps Sid and Nancy, well, maybe the two couples spliced.  They love each other, they fight, they break up, they make up.  So what if they are homicidal maniacs and use children to craft the doom of others?  Chucky's will to live is stronger than the grave and Tiffany made a prissy little doll have style!

8. Mason Verger (Hannibal) - You don't like him, because he is a deviant and he would not be a favorite in a local prison, but in the world of fictional horror characters, who else has peeled off their own face and had Hannibal Lecter feed it to their dogs.  Even Hannibal Lecter found him to be a deplorable and disgusting human being.  Hannibal shared a popper with him, but was it really a popper?  Now, he is at the mercy of Dr. Cordel and got fed to the pigs.  Goodbye, Mason.  Goodbye forever.

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