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Monday, August 19, 2013

Five Most Disturbing Horror Movies

1.   Aftermath - Corpse and lovin' = disturbing...I hope I never end up on that creep's table.

2.   The Human Centipede - Three people sewn together ATM, need I say more?

3.   The Girl Next Door - This one really bugs you out.  A starving neice hanging up in the basement of Auntie Mom, disturbing!

4.   The Hellraiser Movies - The cenobites scare the crap out of me, and their mutant appearances, nothing is more terrifying...

5.   Blood Creek - Being a captive for all eternity is a terrifying thought.  The necromancer guy is mean and wicked ugly, scary thought!


  1. Good list! The Girl Next Door used to be one of my favorites, I always used to show it to friends who hadn't seen it. I think only one of them actually like it lol.

    1. Its seriously disturbing, but I couldn't look away!


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