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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Snow White: A Tale of Terror (1997)!

If you haven't seen Snow White: A Tale of Terror, you definitely should.  Its way closer to the original Grimm Brother's story, where the Disney tale originates from.  Its not a carbon copy either, but its very close.  Snow White's beginning is pretty sick.  She has to be cut out of her mother's womb as she dies in a carriage accident, by her father, portrayed by Sam Neill.  Sigourney Weaver portrays the evil queen, but instead, she is Lady Claudia, a woman who comes to wed Snow White's father, a woman of noble birth, not a queen.  Snow White is named Lilyana in this portrayal.  Lady Hoffman, originally has good intentions, but she is corrupted by an evil mirror inside a dresser given to her by her late mother, who was probably a witch, and not a white one. 

Its pretty sick.  Not that even the Disney version isn't sick, but its pretty sick.  Do you know that in the original tale, the evil queen wants Snow White's liver, and not her heart?  There is more than one attempt on her life in the original tale as well by the "Woodsman".  The "prince" doesn't kiss her and wake her up, either.  He's a sick necrophile, who thinks she's so hot, he wants to keep the body, so he takes the glass coffin, and it gets broken.  Snow White coughs up the apple, and she's not dead, nifty, all is well.  Who wants to get with this sicko, he probably does bodies in the morgue for fun on a Saturday night, but whatever, it is what is is.

You will probably dig it.  I know I did.  Oh, and the seven dwarves aren't dwarves.  They are not little people of small stature.  They are regular dudes.  The prince isn't a prince either.  He's a doctor, and you might be surprised at who she ends up with at the end.  Lady Hoffman pulls some pretty sinister sh*te...she's a doooooooosh baggggg!

You can watch this flick on Netflix if you have it!  Its available on demand right on your computer or Roku device! 


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