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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Bryan Loves You - Weird Suspense Horror Flick

Bryan Loves You

For starters,  Candyman is in Bryan Loves You.  I have difficulty viewing Candyman, Tony Todd, as anyone else but Candyman when I see him in other films.  Helen!!!  Be my victim!!!  Tony's six foot five, and has a distinctive manly deep voice.  He IS Candyman!
Ok, so enough about Candyman, Bryan Loves You is about a creepy religious cult in Arizona that sort of runs the town.  They are clandestine, like The Freemasons,  hold meetings, and wear interesting masks and salute Bryan at school instead of the flag, um, ok.  So, this psychotherapist guy captures all this crap on film, and we are watching the footage, I guess.  Yeah...

I think its got some Kubric undertones, a little Clockwork Orange with some Eyes Wide shut up in the piece!  

 Happy New Year!
Remember, Bryan Loves You!

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