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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Tim Burton's Dark Shadows Coming May 2012!!!???

I am psyched!  Tim Burton is TAKING A STAB at Dark Shadows.  They did Dark Shadows in the sixties, and seventies.  They AWAKENED it in the eighties.  The nineties was void of Dark Shadows.  But, in the millenium, guess what, 2012, DARK SHADOWS!!!    Here is the cast!!!

Johnny Depp - Barnabas Collins (drool)
Jackie Earle Haley - Willie Loomis
Bella Heathcote - Victoria Winters
Eva Green - Angelique
Helena Bonham Carter - Dr. Julia Hoffman (my idol)
Michelle Pfeiffer - Elizabeth Collins

Of course two of the main cast are Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter.  What would a Tim Burton flick be without them?  Michelle Pfeiffer is an interesting choice.  It seems to me Elizabeth Collins wasn't smoking hot the last two times, but hey, look at The Tudors.  They made Henry VIII not a ginger, but a hot Irishman with black hair and blue eyes, or else, who the hell would watch the show!!!???  I am awaiting this flick, and will go see it when its released immediately!

Dan Curtis, the person who created the 1966-1971 series will be doing the Warner Brothers Tim Burton version.  I wonder if it will be true to form?  Nobody does genres like Burton!

Christopher Lee and Alice Cooper will be featured in this film, which is awesome!  Alice is playing himself, hummm???

Johnny Depp can bite me any day, and I don't know if I care if he gets cured.  I'm good being a vampire if he bites me.

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