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Monday, June 9, 2014

5 Favorite Horror Blogs & Websites

Obviously I am a horror blogger and I like horror-related things, but I also like to incorporate my other likes into my selection when I am choosing horror blogs and websites to read.  I am also fond of horror podcasts lately.

This is a shout out to some of my favorite horror bloggers/writers/podcasters, but sites I visit daily or sometimes weekly when I am busy and can't.  I also like to watch free horror movies and listen to free horror music since I'm a poor blogger and since I can't afford cable.

Trust me, blogging doesn't pay the bills!  It helps kinda and makes it so I can blow money on pizza and cat toys, but you know...not the real bills.  It just makes me live less of a lame, impoverished life.

Anyway, some of these websites/blogs/podcasts I visit all the time and they make life a little less miserable by adding some macabre, twisted, and sick thoughts to my day.  Sexy!

1.  Dr. Blood's Video Vault - The Doc has fabulous taste in movies and writes in such a way that you feel like you are in conversation with him.  He doesn't promote stuff because he feels like he has to.  He reviews things he actually enjoys and doesn't sugarcoat or bullsh*te you by blowing smoke up your azz with filler for the sake of writing something even if it sucks.  He is honest and direct and is not gonna steer you wrong towards a film he thinks is "utter sh*te".  Nevermind the bullocks!

2.  The Horror Cats - There are two things in life I adore the most aside from diet coke, men, and cigarettes and that's horror culture and cats!  Of course I love a blog that is written by someone so obsessed with cats that they can tell you if a cat has been in a movie off the top of their head without thinking twice about it and that includes non-horror movies, too!

3.  Rotten.com - Rotten has been around since the late 90's during the era of dial-up internet, but its still just as disgusting and relevant as the day it was put up.  You know how I feel about morgue and autopsy photos, momento mori photographs, horrific accidents, and medical afflictions and anomalies!

4. Spook & Destroy - One of my favorite horror musicians/artisan/writer/reviewer...I don't know, one of my favorite people...who is always doing something, writing music, playing a show, making something, writing, reviewing...has a horror blog/podcast where he does tons of other horror related stuff!  He writes reviews, shares music, crafts custom clothing and patch designs.  He, (Elvis Aron Deadly of Full Story at Midnight) will soon be launching a web-store (Deadly by Design) so be on the look out for that.

5. Blog Talk Radio - This is where my miserable little podcast is, the one none of you listen to, but that's ok, because I like talking to myself and know the voices are listening ALL THE TIME!

Some of my favorite Blog Talk Radio (BTR) Horror Podcast Shows are listen below.  Just because I am not listening to every show doesn't mean I don't stalk you sexy bishes.  Yes, I said bishes.

I stalk you because I want to make love to all of you down by the fire with words that are not sexual at all.  Ok, I don't want to have sex with any of you even though I love you all in a very non-sexual way.  I am just trying to express how much I like you guys and gals, whichever you might be in a not sexual way that is entirely unrelated to sex.

The Wolfpack Podcast - They are many, but they all do this well put together podcast and put all their hearts and souls into it, because they are an really cool bunch of people from different areas in the horror community.  You guys are cool and I love you!

Eric Morse aka William Pattison, author and member of the Wolfpack has two blogs he runs.  He runs Horror Bob's Blog as well as his own author blog, which you can find here.

Charred Remains - Miss Char (Char Hardin), a horror author and podcaster not only writes horror and podcasts, but she has a website you can check out (Charhardin.com).  She is very enthusiastic about the horror community and her podcast is wicked awesome! Char is fun.  I love you, Char!


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    1. No problem, well deserved, Mr. Eric, sir!

  2. Aww, thank you Amy for including me on your list! Horror chicks stick together! Awesome, so going to share your blog!

    1. No problem ,well deserved, Miss Lady m'aam! :)


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